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My life before professional coaching was quickly crumbling. From an unrewarding career path to marriage conflicts and parenting setbacks, my day-to-day schedule had put my brain on a permanent spin cycle. I was doing everything and getting nowhere. It’s amazing that you can spend as little as 30 minutes a week by phone working with Coach Cindi Britton and make tremendous progress with never meeting her face-to-face.  Cindi sets you on a simple path to understanding what matters to you. As you begin to get clear on your goals, then you progress to realizing them. She shows you how to get to the heart of what matters and through that process, you learn how to listen to and trust yourself and your instincts.

Before Coach Cindi, I was trying too hard to make life work and thought it was selfish to focus time on myself. The reality was very different. Putting my needs first actually made it easier to get clear and be more present for others.

I highly recommend the style and format of professional coaching offered by Cindi Britton. She manages her time and your time in a respectful and collaborative way. Its like experiencing a sort of magic that just happens through simple techniques for managing everything from ADHD to a mind in overdrive.

In less than 4 months my life has become richer and far more rewarding than before coaching. Once you start clearing the mental and physical clutter that holds you back, it is hard to stop. I owe much of my professional and personal progress to the steps and techniques that Cindi’s program offered.

Andrea, 2016

I had just started working full time again in a new industry and was in need of working on some personal issues, including exercise, eating thoughtfully, caring for myself better and finding joy in my new job. At first, I was reluctant to life coaching, because of the cost. However, after I started working with Dr. Cindi, I really saw the value of having someone who knew my situation and who could bring clarity to my personal life and career.

She helped me think differently about issues that I needed to face, along with finding viable solutions to resolve these issues. As a result, I believe more in my abilities,  have gained confidence, trust that I can make good decisions and value my new job.

Jan, 2015

Cindi helped me set specific goals for moving towards success in my jewelry business. Most importantly she helped me find ways to organize my time in order to be more productive and move forward. She “forced” me to come to my own answers/strategies by asking questions and making suggestions, but ultimately being mindful of not “giving” me the answers to my issues. She never pushed her own ideas on me, but allowed me to come to my own conclusions. Holly, 2014

I want to thank you for all the help you have provided me.  Last school year I had a lot of highs, but I was very busy.  Working with you was important for my professional growth.  You were a great listener and you helped me get a job down south. Kevin, 2013

I was overwhelmed and avoiding organizing things in my life, like paperwork, tools and information. At first, I was embarrassed about knowing I needed help, but after being coached by Dr. Cindi I received great results, including: feeling less overwhelmed, replacing my fear and apprehension with calmness, being able to apply discipline in my life with having an organizational system and managing my office so that it’s inviting to do business.

Dr. Cindi truly has genuine care for the people she works with.

Adult with ADD, April 2015

I wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to help me today. I am feeling so great about everything and especially myself! I just can’t THANK YOU enough for coaching me today. I FEEL GREAT! Mary, 2013

Cindi’s positive upbeat demeanor of reinforcing me to use the tools to maintain scheduling time tables has been invaluable for a self-employed individual to manage one’s workweek.  She recognizes the importance of my having and using a daily planner and journal as essential parts of my time management. She has also assisted me in developing processes to organize my business like retrieving past client information in a continued marketing effort. Jen, 2013

I was at a crossroads with my business wearing many hats and juggling it all on my own. I knew where I wanted go and needed some help to map out the plan. Cindi is a wonderful listener and helped me get clear on what steps I needed to take to move forward. Tiff, 2012

Dr. Cindi Britton

Dr. Cindi Britton

BA., MA Ed., Ed.D, Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach

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