Focus the Bright Unfocused Mind!

About Dr. Cindi Britton

BA., MA Ed., Ed.D, Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach, JST Trained in Coaching Children with ADHD, Executive Function and Behavioral Challenges

Personal Coaching is my second career. My first career, of over 38 years, was in K-8 public education serving as a School Principal, District Coordinator and Teacher of grades K-8 in San Diego, California. Throughout my career I have assisted others in making transitions within their career as well as transitioning to new positions and situations, as I served as a “coach” to parents, teachers and students.

Let me help you by using my problem-solving experience, my intuitiveness, and resources to assist you in clarifying their personal goals, overcoming obstacles and in making step-by-step progress. As your personal coach, I will assist you to move forward achieving your desired goals.

Raising a son with ADHD, participation in numerous parent/teacher conferences as a principal and coaching an adult with ADHD, has inspired me to increase my understanding of ADHD and the development of Executive Skills. I have read and researched what is needed to assist both children and adults in developing these skills (i.e. planning/prioritizing, organizing, time management, sustained attention, task initiation and persistence) necessary to increase daily performance and achievement at work, home or school. I offer one to one ADHD coaching to children (ages 8-12), adolescents, young adults and adults on a weekly basis. Weekly parent communication is key when coaching children and adolescents and is built into the coaching program. The service also includes teacher communication, and parent/child support at IEP or 504 meetings as needed. I am committed to making a difference in the achievement of students through the development of their Executive Skills.