Working With People Who Seek Focus, Strategies and Motivation.

Therapist, Spiritual Counselor, Consultant, Friend or PERSONAL LIFE COACH?

A Therapist is a professional trained in therapy and works with people seeking self-understanding. They ask why and often deal with old issues. They treat depression, phobias, addictions and destructive or abusive behavior.

A Spiritual Counselor – uses prayer to affirm a Universal Principle great that the condition the client is experiencing. It is confidential and only once or as needed.

A Consultant/Mentor– is an expert with answers and has experience in the field that the client is in. They may have an agenda with prescribed action steps to take in order to achieve a certain result.

A Friend is a good listener and can give support and advice


  • Works with people who seek Focus, Strategies and Motivation, and who ask How To questions.
  • Assists the client to Identify, Prioritize and Implement choices, and to look for external solutions to internal blocks.
  • With client permission, are unconditionally Constructive, Bold and Honest.
  • Allows the Client to set the agenda, Lead the session, ask for what they want, inform the coach about what is working and what is not.
  • A Coach is a Professional who maintains Confidentiality.
  • Focuses on actions, the Present, the Future and Commitments.

Dr. Cindi Britton

Dr. Cindi Britton

BA., MA Ed., Ed.D, Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach

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