Focus the Bright Unfocused Mind!

Cindi Britton, San Diego Life Coach

Meet Dr. Cindi Britton

Personal Life Coaching and Organizational Consulting is my second career. My first career, of over 38 years, was in K-8 public education serving as a School Principal, District Coordinator and Teacher of grades K-8 in San Diego, California. Throughout my career I have assisted others in making transitions within their career as well as transitioning to new positions as I served as a “coach” to parents, teachers and students.

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Are You at a Crossroads in Life?

Maybe you’re confused and feeling “stuck” trying to figure out which direction is best for you with regard to your career, family, relationship or health goals.

Afraid you’ll make a mistake?

Major life transitions such as facing divorce, changing careers or embarking upon retirement are the times in life when we often need some help figuring out our next move.


Need Help Focusing Your Mind?

Dr. Cindi’s ADHD coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps students (grades 3-6) learn the Executive Functioning skills necessary to increase their school success. They learn the skills necessary to lead to self-monitoring so they increase their independence as they transition through the grade levels.


Can Life Coaching Help You?

You could be limiting your personal or professional success by not having a coach that will help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success. A coach will ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than you, the client would have asked of yourself. They will help build the structure, accountability and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment.

I was overwhelmed and avoiding organizing things in my life, like paperwork, tools and information. At first, I was embarrassed about knowing I needed help, but after being coached by Dr. Cindi I received great results, including: feeling less overwhelmed, replacing my fear and apprehension with calmness, being able to apply discipline in my life with having an organizational system and managing my office so that it’s inviting to do business.

Dr. Cindi truly has genuine care for the people she works with.

Adult with ADD, April 2015

Cindi helped me think differently about issues that I needed to face, along with finding viable solutions to resolve these issues. As a result, I believe more in my abilities,  have gained confidence, trust that I can make good decisions and value my new job.

Jan, 2015

I didn’t think I would be able to make a decision about going to live in Australia to take advantage of an opportunity that I had. I was indecisive, and disorganized. Dr. Cindi helped me organize my thoughts into goals and steps to get there, including creating a budget. I was also having difficulty with some of the people in my life. I was afraid and stressed about conversations I needed to have with my boss, my parents, and my ex-boyfriend. Coach Cindi guided me through planning what I would say, which really helped me so that the conversations went well.

I’m better now at doing what is good for me! I have realized how important it is to only let people in your life that are a positive influence and have positive energy. I now see myself as a hard worker and reliable person.

Tiffany, March 2016